It's the Molecule!™

It's the Molecule

Unlike "cosmetic grade" hyaluronic acid (HA) preparations, Visible Youth™ proprietary medical grade HA formulations help to restore the skin's natural supply of HA-water complex to keep the underlying structure of the skin hydrated and healthy. Available exclusively from skin care physicians and estheticians under the direction of a physician, the Visible Youth system of products provides deep hydration that penetrates the stratum corneum, epidermis and into the dermis, resulting in long-lasting benefits for all skin types and every age.

Medical grade HA-centric formulas:

  • Restore the normal flow of blood to nourish cells for healthier, brighter skin.
  • Stimulate proper lymphatic drainage from the skin to improve color and texture.
  • Smoothe the skin, allowing previously trapped dead cells to fall away.
  • Encourage the growth of new cells for more youthful looking and feeling skin.1

1Hyaluronan: The Natural Skin Moisturizer, Birgit A. Neudecker, Howard A. Maibach and Robert Stern, University of California San Francisco.