What Our Users Have To Say!

"I have been using Visible Youth Revitalizing Skin Formula for several years now, and I don't let a day go by without applying it to my face. I have no doubt that it helps my skin retain moisture, and has visibly improved both the texture and appearance of my skin. It am certain that it makes me look younger, and I start to panic when I'm running low!"
Dr. Chris Rattenbury

"I really like the Visible Youth products - they make your skin feel soft, hydrated, and give it a lovely glow. I use them everyday and when I miss the odd day applying it to my skin I can tell the difference in the texture of my skin. I like the natural based science and technology behind the products, invented by Dr Sam Asculai; a scientific researcher and pioneer in HA* intra-dermal delivery technology . Dr. Asculai holds 30 patents. and is an expert in skin care science."
Miriam Merkur President
NeoGraft Solutions Inc.

"I have been using Visible Youth Revitalizing Skin Formula continually for 5 years and Visible Youth Revitalizing Moisturizer for more than 3 years. My skin feels soft and silky and looks healthy, nourished and radiates happiness. My mother always asked if I have recently had a facial. I would never go to bed or leave the house without Visible Youth. I love it!"
Millicent Tran Schwartz
Toronto, Canada